» » Tao qi bao ma xiao tiao

Short summary

This drama describes the happy life of Ma Xiaotao and a group of children, telling interesting stories of them with their parents, teachers and classmates. It demonstrates the lives and psychologies of children in Chinese contemporary society, and calls for understanding and respect for children's nature. This drama aims to explore and analyze the differences and misunderstandings between adults and children, advocating adults to give children healthy happy harmonious childhoods through understanding and communication. For Naughty Boy Ma Xiaotiao, happiness is everywhere just like the air. And vexations are like dark clouds in the sky, which will disappear after a few raindrops. No matter people like him or not, no matter he succeeds or fails, Ma Xiaotiao is always happy and optimistic. He always remains the same and stays true to himself.

Credited cast:
Zi Ge Fang Zi Ge Fang - Ma Xiaotiao's Grandpa (as Zige Fang)
Baihui Li Baihui Li - Lu Manman
Lei Wu Lei Wu - Ma Xiaotiao
Lixin Xia Lixin Xia - Ding Rui
Shi Zhang Shi Zhang - Ma Tianxiao
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