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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got your hands on Banksy's work? Does it mean you've found a winning lottery ticket or just scraped some worthless crap off a wall?

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    • Author: Lianeni
    "How to Sell a Banksy" should be re-titled: "Christopher Thompson's Extra Crappy Home Movie Featuring Film School Rejects and a Destroyed Banksy Painting".

    I'm a huge fan of Banksy and I love his work, but this home-made shaky cam extravaganza is, well, to quote the idiots who made this, "It's rubbish."

    You know what this film is like? It's like trying to drink a barrel full of vinegar. Maybe you really like vinegar, but there's no way you're going to be able to swallow down a barrel full before making yourself sick.

    If you're a fan of Banksy, you'll HATE this movie. If you've never heard of Banksy, go watch: Exit Through The Gift Shop.
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    • Author: Macill
    It is story told with handycam footage of a guy ripping Banksy's street art off a bridge, destroying it in the process, paying for a restoration and then trying to flog it The filming is pretty dull, there is little beauty in this film. It could have been all told in 40minutes rather than the 85mins it took.
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    • Author: Anicasalar
    A man steals a work of art that had been in the public domain for 3 years, to enjoy for all and makes a movie about selling it, full of stolen Banksy quotes and with a "thank you Banksy" to wrap it all up, knowing Banksy doesn't approve any of this.

    Better watch "Exit through the gift shop" or "Saving Banksy"
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    • Author: Coirad
    This is a well put together chronicle of how one man came to have a real Banksy removed from a bridge. And what comes of it.

    When a street artist becomes famous can you cash in on that artist because you cleverly removed an original from a exposed public surface? Maybe yes - maybe no. You will have to watch documentary to discover the answer.

    The documentary covers both sides of the story - the current owner and the artist. Does the owner have a gold mine or a money pit? The professional opinions cover a all.

    Banksy art is highly prized in todays world - but be aware of this mans journey !!!
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