» » Dracula: Come Into the Night (2015)

Short summary

Southern Ballet Theatre's immortal production Dracula: Come Into the Night is brought to life in front of your eyes life never before.

Credited cast:
Elizabeth Adams Elizabeth Adams - Dancer
Ashley Alexander Ashley Alexander - Dancer
Shelby Artley Shelby Artley - Dancer
Porchae Bryant Porchae Bryant - Dancer
Erin Burch Erin Burch - Dancer
Marissa Campbell Marissa Campbell - Dancer
Faith Candino Faith Candino - Dancer
Brandon Chitwood Brandon Chitwood - Dracula
Yesenia Crews Yesenia Crews - Dancer
Nina Delefosse Nina Delefosse - Dancer
Mary Denning Mary Denning - Dancer
Rachel Denny Rachel Denny - Dancer
Molly Dyer Molly Dyer - Dancer
Lara Gregory Lara Gregory - Dancer
Elizabeth Guillory Elizabeth Guillory - Dancer
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